Genii Magazine September 2019

Genii Magazine September 2019

Richard Kaufman


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GENII THE CONJURORS' MAGAZINE VOLUME 82 NUMBER 9 September 2019 FEATURES Tom Gagnon: Spread Deceptionist by Jon Racherbaumer Tricks by Gagnon Coin Assembly for Connoisseurs Gagnon Spread Pass Color Changing Deck COLUMNS Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman In Memoriam: Don Wayne by Jonathan Neal Now Performing The Eye by Chloe Olewitz Classic Correspondence Larry Carter to Charles Cabot by Mike Caveney Dealing with It Infinitum by John Bannon Happiness is...



September 2019 


Tom Gagnon: Spread Deceptionist
 by Jon Racherbaumer 

Tricks by Gagnon

  • Coin Assembly for Connoisseurs
  • Gagnon Spread Pass
  • Color Changing Deck


Genii Speaks
 by Richard Kaufman 
In Memoriam: Don Wayne by Jonathan Neal 
Now Performing 
The Eye
 by Chloe Olewitz 
Classic Correspondence Larry Carter to Charles Cabot by Mike Caveney 
Dealing with It Infinitum by John Bannon 
Happiness is the Road Go West, Part Two: A Cowboy and His Gun in Texas by Hannibal 

Broadcast from Nowhere Clown Theater and Virtual Magic by Al Schneider 
Going Pro Bootstrapping by Andi Gladwin

  • The Value of Expertise

Magicana by Jonathan Friedman

  • Mixtape by Louie Foxx
  • Perfect Strangers by Rick Holcombe
  • Clips Ahoy by Eric Stevens

The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii

  • Knights at The Magic Castle by Jason Andrew Davidson
  • The Magic Castle Performance Schedule


Tricks Reviewed by David Regal

  • "The Stranger" by Jonathan Levit
  • "My Box of Magic" by Nicholas Night
  • "Profiteer" by Adrian Vega
  • "Silhouette" by Tobias Dostal
  • The Misfit Deck by Matt Baker
  • "On the Money Deck" by Gavin James
  • "Debajo" by Juan Luis Rubiales
  • "Pro Marker" by Gary James
  • "Pro-Secco" by Gary James
  • "Mimic" by SansMinds Creative Lab
  • "Bill It" by SansMinds Creative Lab
  • "Omni Coin" by SansMinds Creative Lab
  • "Instant Gig Getter" by Unknown Mentalist
  • "Dice, Dice Baby" by John Carey

Videos Reviewed by Shiv Duggal

  • Secret Plans and Clever Tricks by James Went
  • Magic Course by Joel Dickinson
  • The Classic Pass by Eddie McColl
  • The Cold Deck Cut Project by Eddie McColl
  • 2019 Lecture Notes by Eddie McColl

Books Reviewed by David Britland

  • Sideshow Showman by Jon Gresham
  • Elixir, Volume 2, Issue 1, Summer, Edited by Michael Helmer
  • Elixir, Volume 2, Issue 2, Winter, Edited by Michael Helmer

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